Accommodation and Motorbike Rental, Goa
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My wife and I have hired a motorcycle and villa for our last 2 long term (3 month) stays in Goa and have been delighted with the service we have received from SSS ...
Alan, United Kingdom

Safe Special Services of Goa offer a range of specialist services including, villa and Apartment rental, motorbike hire and rental agency and maintenance services for those with property in Goa.

Motorbike & Scooter Hire

motorbike ans scooter hire Goa
We hire out a range of motorbikes and scooters at competitve prices:

Villa & Apartment Rental

motorbike ans scooter hire Goa
Whatever your budget we have a range of quality villas and Apartments for rent in Goa.

Property Services, Goa

motorbike ans scooter hire Goa
We offer professional rental and maintenance services for Goa property owners.